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Menopause retreat and preparation for menopause

Menopause retreat

Girls Only! An exclusive retreat for women

This stay is dedicated for all women (from 35-40 years old). You are welcome, whatever your age and your motivation: curiosity, share, need to learn, time for yourself, or just a different holiday.


The progress of the retreat is the same as for standard stays, but with different activities.

Mornings and evenings: group activities (see below).
Afternoons: rest, access to the Spa, massages and hypnosis.

See our Program page here.

A retreat for women,
supervised by women.

A stay for your well-being

Premenopause, Perimenopause, Menopause, Postmenopause...

We are all going through this very special and overwhelming period of life; yet still poorly understood.

Signs of hormonal transition can already be felt in a subtle way from the age of 35-40: fatigue, sleep disorders, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, etc. Let's tackle this theme together and prepare to manage this transition as well as possible.

The symptoms, the extent of which can have a devastating impact on the quality of life of women, are generally minimized, even taboo. We have created for you these specific retreats on the theme of Menopause (as well as the long period of transition before), to talk about it freely and to provide you with valuable information to improve your well-being.


The activities offered are different from those of standard stays. For this themed stay, the activities are targeted for the well-being of women:

  • Belly massage class Chi Nei Tsang
  • Hikes in the nature
  • Yoga targeted at hormonal health
  • Talking circle, feminine ritual and meditation
  • Nutrition workshops focused on the specific needs of Menopause
  • Vegetarian cooking workshops

And lots of sharing.

Useful information


You can opt for the water fasting cure or the ProLon® cure.
If you do not want to fast or the ProLon cure, you can simply enjoy our program and eat freely in the restaurants in the village.
In any case, the week ends with a food meal home cooked by Kamille on Friday evening.


All stays last 6 nights, from Sunday evening to Saturday morning.
The 3-night stay is not available for these themed stays.


15th to 21st of January 2023
12th to 18th of February 2023
12th to 18th of March 2023
16th to 22nd of April 2023


They are identical to the prices for standard stays.
See the Pricing page here.

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