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Preserves body and mind

Why fasting?

Fasting is an ancient practice that is widespread in many cultures. Whether for the well-being of body or mind, discover the multitude of good reasons for this experience.

Take a break and leave the frenzy of your daily life to regenerate your body. Challenge yourself by breaking with your eating habits and misconceptions.

Fasting is not possible for everyone. Please read the contra-indications at the bottom of this page.

Keep your good resolutions

The benefits

Discover the many benefits that fasting can bring you

  • Putting to rest the digestive system

  • Boost the immune system

  • Detoxify and regenerate your body

  • Lighten the body and mind

  • Changing your relationship to food

  • Develop better eating habits

  • Find more energy and vitality

  • Surpass yourself and break your patterns

  • Disconnect and take a step back

  • Give yourself time

Refresh yourself with our homemade drinks

The drinks

The Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa offers a water fasting experience with spring water, lemon water, organic herbal teas, and homemade broth.

For those who prefer, we also provide mineral supplements and honey.

If you don't wish fast completely, we offer light detox programs with soups as well.

Spring water

The pure water of our mountains hydrates you all day long.

Herbal teas

Delight yourself with our buffet of delicious organic herbal teas at will.

Lemon water

In the morning we serve lemon water.


In the evening, a homemade broth is served in a cozy atmosphere.

Upon request

Soup programs

For those who do not wish to fast completely, we offer soup programs. These programs stimulate the body to adopt the mechanisms observed during fasting.

Two options are available: Buchinger Wilhelmi or ProLon. 

Important note

Retreats at the Maya Boutique Hotel are exclusively reserved for adults (between 20 and 70 years old) and in good health.

Fasting is not indicated for everyone and it does not in any way replace the recommendations and prescriptions of your doctor.

If you have one of the contraindications listed below,we will unfortunately not be able to accomodate you.

Pregnancy - Breastfeeding - Heavy drug treatments - Epilepsy - Untreated hyperthyroidism - Ulcers (stomach or duodenum) - Type 1 diabetes - Tuberculosis - Thrombophlebitis - Liver or kidney failure - Organ transplant - Cardiac pacemaker - Excessive weight loss - Anorexia and disorders of the eating behavior - Serious addictions - Drug addiction - Arteriosclerosis - Advanced degenerative diseases (multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, etc.) - Cancer - Serious psychoses

In case of other health concerns, medical treatments or doubts, we ask you to consult the advice of your doctor before undertaking fasting.

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