Fasting and Nutrition Retreats

by Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa

A new perspective on nutrition!

Unique in Switzerland

The Maya Boutique Hotel, in Nax, in the canton of Valais (Switzerland), innovates with its insulation in straw bales. It is the first establishment in Switzerland of such a conception.

Lisa and Louis have chosen this exceptional place to develop their fasting, nutrition and detox holiday concept where you can learn the essential of a healthy and balanced diet. Targeted activities will also allow you to better activate your metabolism.

With their highly ecological approach, they combine respect for the environment, comfort and excellent service for their guests.


Mediterranean Diet

The ultimate wellbeing experience for a holistic mind and body.

The Maya Boutique Hotel team takes you to discover the Greek Islands aboard a traditional sailboat.

Much more than just a sailing trip, ZenBoat combines the power of nature, gentle physical activity and Mediterranean cuisine.

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You don't want a total fast?

Discover the ProLon® diet!

"The Fasting Mimicking Diet®"

The ProLon® diet is designed so that the body adopts the same physiological changes observed during fasting. Thus, you enjoy the regenerative, detoxifying and longevity benefits of fasting, while eating. This is The Fasting Mimicking Diet®.

This program is the result of more than 20 years of scientific researches carried out by Professor Valter Longo at the Institute for Longevity at the University of Southern California.
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Beyond fasting ... Rediscover nutrition.

With our various workshops, you will discover nutrition with a new perspective. This is an opportunity to make a fresh start and modify eating habits

The Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa has collaborated for many years with the HES-SO Valais (University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland).

The academic skills of the HES-SO, combined with Louis' culinary knowledge and Lisa's expertise in nutrition, gave birth to the concept of PHYTONUTRITION. It is a holistic approach to nutrition, combining the benefits of phytonutrients, respect for the short circuit and the pleasure of the taste buds.

Louis will share his passion and knowledge with you, during a cooking workshop.

Lisa will provide you with simple keys to a fresh start in your diet, with different evening workshops (only in French)

Girls Only Retreats

A retreat dedicated to Women (from 35-40 years):
Share, understand and prepare for the hormonal transition that awaits us.

Prenopause, Perimenopause, Menopause...

This retreat is held in French.

Lisa and Louis

The founders of the Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa, warmly welcome you to their establishment with an ecological, unique and innovative design.

Lisa, nutritionist, will discuss various topics to better prepare you to embrace healthy eating.

Louis, a certified fasting guide, will accompany you in your experience and provide you with valuable information on the benefits of this practice.

Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa

New Eco Lifestyle

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