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Maya Boutique Hotel

Surrounded by professionals

Professional supervision

The stays are supervised by professionals. Our team is made up of therapists, nutritionists, fasting supervisors, and yoga instructors.

Our team


Nutritionist, Nutritional Therapist

Nutritional Therapist (BANT and ASCA affiliated), with a university scientific training (Bachelor of Science Nutritional Therapy), Lisa specializes in personalized nutrition (microbiota and genetics).

During your stay, Lisa will discuss various topics related to nutrition to help you implement a healthy diet, back at home.

If you are interested in a personalized follow-up, Lisa offers individual programs to help you achieve your health, weight loss and well-being goals.

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Fasting supervisor and Chef

Louis has been practicing fasting for 15 years. He is a certified fasting supervisor accredited by the Wirtschaftsakademie in Vienna, as well as a hotelier and chef.

He accompanies you in your fasting experience by providing valuable insights into the benefits of fasting and shares his passion for cooking during fun workshops.

As the Chef of Maya Boutique Hotel's restaurant (2016 to 2020), his cuisine was recommended by the Michelin Guide. Since 2020, the establishment has been exclusively dedicated to fasting retreats. Louis's culinary expertise is now solely focused on preparing the meals for our participants during the refeeding period.

Take the time to listen to your body


Hospitality supervisor

Valaisan at heart and deeply fond of her region, Cathy is convinced of the healing power of nature. She will be present in the mornings to welcome you and serve you lemon water. She will ensure cleanliness and your comfort. It is with enthusiasm that she will know how to be a support during your stay.


Yoga Teacher

Through her teaching, Nadège wishes to allow everyone to experience a moment of reconnection, personal exploration and gentle transformation. She invites you to celebrate your joy and inner peace.


Yoga Teacher

Passionate about the well-being of body and mind, Karine naturally turned to yoga and teaching since 2018, after training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga in India. Combining movement and breathing, vinyasa yoga leads to concentration, introspection and self-reflection. A total presence to his inner being and to his body...


Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher

Nature is her refuge and yoga her inner dance. Being able to reconcile the two and share it is a source of joy and gratitude for Sandra. Yoga teacher and therapist, her practice aims to nourish and balance the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is a journey to meet oneself, a return to the essentials...

Our therapists

All of our therapists are specialized professionals who offer high quality massages and treatments.
Please note that massages and treatments are not reimbursed by health insurance.


Naturopath and Masseuse

Ines combines many methods of care acquired during her 30 years of experience.
She practices among others: classic massage, hot stone massage, lymphatic drainage and plantar reflexology.


Hypnosis therapist S.A.J.E.C.E.

Emilie will whisper to you a Sajece hypnosis session that will allow your subconscious to sort out things from the past that you have certainly forgotten and which are blocking you in some aspect in your current life, whether physical or not. A powerful tool that will allow your subconscious to heal past events, heal emotional wounds so you can be happier than today.


Multifaceted masseuse

Rozenn has traveled the world to develop a palette of exotic massages. By adding her personalized touch, she practices Thai massage, relaxing, sports and reflexology.


Massage therapist

Valérie will listen to your body in order to soothe and best relieve your ailments, your tensions and your tensions.
She practices classic massage, massage of the abdomen and sports massage.


Massage therapist and Beautician

Camille has extensive experience as a masseuse and beautician in the luxury hotel industry. She practices classic massage, hot stone massage and lymphatic drainage.

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